I was first introduced to the idea of Marketing in a high school aptitude test — combine creative expression, strong writing skills, and solid math abilities — felt like a good fit. This led to a degree in Marketing from Merrimack College, where this choice kept feeling better with each class I took. A few years at a high-tech start-up not only got my feet wet with the marketing basics, but all the ins and outs of venture capital and the day-to-day of running a small business. It also gave me confidence marketing technical products, which led to my long stint marketing technical books at Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. Through my 13 years there, as Marketing Supervisor then Manager and finally Director, I found that in addition to those aspects that attracted me to marketing, equally important is attention to detail and strong relationship building. Marketing remains my passion, and I’m enjoying the opportunity to now work with different companies, industries, and teams. Learn more about my freelance services.

So what’s with the Photography? For as long as I can remember I’ve found great joy capturing moments through photographs. When I left Addison-Wesley and was in the process of building my marketing business, the shop where I used to develop my film – ah, film – needed a photographer to take Christmas card photos and asked if I was interested. I really enjoyed the experience, and continued, first with friends and neighbors, and then by placing a few local ads and word of mouth. Learn more about my unique packages.

I’d love to talk to you about your needs. I can be reached at 978-682-1584 or kim@kimdawley.com